Dry Eye Consult

Dr. Mota looks for unique signs that she has learned in her years of studying dry eye disease. She attends conferences and lectures throughout the year to learn all the latest about dry eye and how to treat it. She herself has suffered from it, so she understands how bothersome and tedious dry eye management can be.

We utilize the newest diagnostic equipment to take accurate measurements of things like:

  • Non-Invasive Tear Break Up Time

  • Aqueous Lake Measurement

  • Meibography

As well as things in the exam room like:

  • Fluorescein staining

  • Lissamine Green Staining

  • Schirmer Testing

  • Phenol Red Thread Test

  • Korb-Blackie Light Test

  • Slit Lamp Evaluation

Using all of our findings and after taking a detailed history looking into medications, systemic diseases, as well as previous and current treatments, Dr. Mota crafts a detailed treatment plan. We follow up at specific intervals to check into your progress and adjust the treatment plan as needed until we find a solution together.