Thermal Heat with Expression

What to Expect

When you come into the Punto Focal Dry Eye Spa for a Thermal Heat treatment, you will be treated to a spa-like experience with headphones so you can relax while Dr. Mota starts the treatment. First you will be getting treated with the ZEST by Zocular procedure, which is a deep cleaning of the eyelids and eyelashes. This takes approximately 10-20 minutes depending on severity.

​​​​​​​Next we will be applying consistent heat using a special eyelid mask that provides the perfect amount of heat to the eyelids in order to melt the meibum in your eyelid pores. This is performed for 20 minutes. After the heat is removed from the eyelids, Dr. Mota uses special techniques to expel the meibum that remains clogged in the pores. This therapy usually requires adjunct medication therapy and a total of four weekly visits to achieve maximum results for moderate-severe dry eye cases. Your eyes will be feeling better in no time!